About Us

Kelley Construction is America’s new culture of construction, redefining building innovation and elevating the experience of industrial, commercial, healthcare and food service construction on a national scale. Kelley employs industry-leading construction strategies based on insight, technology, and talent, centered around a joy for building and a passion for delivering service excellence. That’s the Kelley “culture of construction.”

Growing as We Build

No matter how a company grows, the values of the founder become part of its DNA, passed on through successive generations. Such is the case with Kelley Construction, with three decades of success built on a foundation of confidence, trust, and integrity.

A Culture of Excellence

Confidence starts with the expertise to handle even the most challenging projects, and the commitment to see each one through to completion with excellence and enthusiasm. Trust is earned through hard work and dedication to the customer – proved by a substantial number of repeat customers. Integrity demands that we never cut corners, and that we are always transparent with our clients. This philosophy enables us to maintain solid relationships with existing clients, even as we grow and take on new challenges. These relationships have allowed us to grow into a national, multi-division firm providing quality and excellence in construction.

The New Culture of Construction

Our Kelley “Culture of Construction” works because it has to, and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Our clients demand the highest standards in construction and building performance, and we demand it from ourselves. From the nuanced complexities of a chemical plant to the modern stylings of a corporate office, our clients trust Kelley Construction to bring their vision to life. We are a family. A family defined by a culture that stems from our pure passion for building things, and it runs deep from the front office to the field. It’s why we have the best talent, the right attitudes and the latest technology in the industry, and it’s why our clients who “get it” won’t go anywhere else for their building needs. We are experts in our field, adding real value at every touchpoint, and are quick and nimble to respond to changing conditions and challenges. We never shy away from a niche need or a unique request because we are confident we have the tools and the talent to get it done. And at the end of the day, we treat both clients and employees with the respect and honesty they deserve as a part of the Kelley Construction family.  

Our Team

When you bring together passionate individuals committed to the relentless pursuit of Service Excellence, good things happen. Our success starts with the right people and builds upon the individuals committed to protecting and continuing to grow our culture. Meet the Kelley Construction team and learn more about what makes us tick.

Awards & Recognition

From earning Awards of Excellence in Construction from the Associated Builders to receiving recognition for the work we’re doing to actively support our community, we’re paving the way for a new culture of construction through our work and our actions.


Subcontractors and suppliers are acute members to the success of our construction process and functions. If you are currently a subcontractor or supplier of Kelley Construction, or are interested in working with us, please take the opportunity to complete our Subcontractor Requirements. Completing the Subcontractor Requirements places your company into our database of approved suppliers and subcontractors, which allows access by our professionals during solicitation for projects nationwide.

Community Outreach

Kelley Construction is proud to partner with nonprofits like Project Fit, a program that allows us to supply labor and material to provide selected public elementary schools with an outdoor fitness area designed to promote physical activity and healthy habits. As part of our Community Outreach initiative, the Kelley Construction team takes part in donations and sponsorships, soup kitchen volunteering, and other opportunities to contribute money and time to those in need. Recently, the Kelley Construction team was notified about a young girl whose wheelchair had been stolen off her front porch. We gathered some partners together to provide the girl and her family with a new wheelchair and a specially designed front and rear access ramp for her home. We believe in giving back to our community, and we love celebrating opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around us.


Safety awareness is an integral component in any endeavor that we undertake. Our number one priority is a proactive approach to safety, which is the cornerstone of our comprehensive safety program that includes: regular field audits, daily job safety analysis on each project, and perpetual safety training with daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly sessions.