Safety awareness is an integral component in any endeavor that we undertake. Our number one priority is a proactive approach to safety, which is the cornerstone of our comprehensive safety program that includes: regular field audits, daily job safety analysis on each project, and perpetual safety training with daily, weekly, monthly and annual sessions. All employees participate in an inclusive behavior-based safety program that includes field observations and performance feedback.

Safety is Our Priority

At Kelley, staff members and service partners share a willingness to uphold the highest of safety standards which help us to provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible. We employ a full-time Safety Director and Safety Engineer as well as empower our on-site Superintendents and subcontractors to identify and rectify potential hazards. In addition, we are able to self-permit work to include confined space and hot work. We strictly adhere to DOT requirements for highway and pipeline work with many of our employees being OQ Certified for controlled tasks in pipeline maintenance.

In recognition of our commitment to safety excellence, we have been presented with the following awards: