Construction Services

From pre-construction work to signing off on the finished product, at Kelley Construction, we put our heart, soul, and carefully cultivated expertise into every step of our process. Across decades, state lines, and industries, we serve our clients with the absolute best in construction services. Our time-tested, industry-leading construction strategies are based on insight, technology, and talent, and our construction services are centered around a joy for building and a passion for delivering service excellence.

Pre-construction Services

Our passion for innovative solutions begins with the pre-construction phase. Each project is assigned a team of specially selected executives, project managers, project engineers, and estimators. We love working alongside an experienced design team and providing input into developing drawings so that every designed concept is in accord with a project’s construction means.

A Carefully Honed Pre-construction Approach

Our team of estimators uses a twofold approach to develop expectations based on trade market conditions, square footage, and other conceptual estimating tools. During this process, we partner with experienced subcontractors to develop the final pre-construction estimate. Through this process, our mission remains the same: to reach your design, schedule, and budget objectives.

Construction Management

When it comes to Construction Manager at Risk (CMr) and Construction Management Agency (CMa) practices, we’re far from green. No matter which delivery method you need, Kelley Construction will work closely with you to achieve your project objectives, regardless of your project’s size or scope. Our team of professionals dedicated to CM projects have hands-on experience when it comes to problem-solving and planning, and we’ll always do what it takes to bring your project to life and to your specifications. Kelley Construction made ENR’s 2021 list of Top 100 CM-at-Risk contractors.

General Contracting

Since 1978, Kelley Construction has been delivering best-in-class General Contracting (GC) services. Our in-house estimating department has the resources necessary to provide our clients with detailed, accountable, and accurate cost estimates that are critical to the economic success of every project. Throughout the process, we always work to ensure that our clients’ goals are our top priority.


When our clients are looking for a simplicity of single-source accountability, design-build is the right solution. The professionals at Kelley Construction will pair our expertise and industry familiarity alongside our design team’s capabilities to work with a company’s owner in the selection of the right architect. We’ll then work with you to collaboratively manage the selected teams, streamlining the design, permitting, and construction at every step of the project.

Technology and Innovation

Kelley Construction combines expertise with a solid understanding of how innovative ideas and technology can enhance every phase of the building process. At Kelley Construction, we strive to bring our clients and their projects the best resources possible.

Through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we can collaborate with the project team on constructability, prefabrication opportunities, potential schedule advancement, and early troubleshooting. Our real-time, cloud-based project management system allows for fully integrated owner, architect, contractor, and subcontractor collaboration. This enhanced interaction allows for increased accountability and helps to speeds up turnaround at each step. Our recent adoption of 3D printing has been a fun experience for Kelley team and our owners. In addition to serving as a great resource for clients, our recent adoption of 3D printing has allowed us to explore innovative and fun methods of site and space planning.

LEED Certified "Green Building"

At Kelley Construction, our logo isn’t the only thing that’s green. With a proven track record of completing LEED projects – including our own Louisville, Ky-based headquarters – we understand firsthand what it takes to achieve successful LEED certification. In addition to our hands-on experience, our in-house team of professionals has the understanding of United States Green Building Council (USGBC) standards, the knowledge of what it takes to make our clients’ desired level of certification a reality, and the capability to make it happen.

Multi-Site Programs

Throughout the years, Kelley Construction has experienced successful growth due to our ability to stay true to our commitment to excellence. That extends directly into making successful outcomes a reality for our clients, no matter how many sites their projects span.

Our national reach and extensive subcontractor base make us an ideal partner for our program clients. We become an extension of your team by planning ahead for the resources and objectives your project will have and helping owners like you develop companies through growth and brand expansion.

Self-Perform Capabilities

At Kelley Construction we have the ability to self-perform several areas of work. Our expertise and ability to complete these areas of work ourselves allows us to supplement trades when necessary to drive schedule and keep costs down. Kelley Construction maintains extensive relationships with highly skilled local, regional, and national subcontractors, allowing us to tap into our “Kelley approved” partners no matter where you are.

Lean Construction

Kelley Construction uses Lean Construction practices in order to add value through minimized waste and increased efficiency. We understand firsthand that projects reach the best outcomes through effective planning and scheduling on the front end and careful execution throughout the duration of the project.

At Kelley Construction, we pride ourselves on accountability. Reverse Phase Scheduling fosters that accountability throughout the entire team by holding each subcontractor and ourselves responsible for being part of creating the schedule and setting deadlines. This process empowers each team member to add value and suggestions to improve overall project performance.

Look-Ahead Planning promotes communication, enhancing the ability to forecast and plan for possible constraints along with sequencing and milestones. When we work efficiently, everyone benefits.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a top priority for each of our projects, and completing the best possible work at every stage in the process isn’t something we take lightly. Through the use of our web-based project management system, we are able to pinpoint and problem-solve Quality Assurance and Quality Control items quickly and efficiently. Our systems provide us with the flexibility to create and implement project-specific QA/QC plans that can be tracked, measured, and communicated in real-time.