LG&E Health & Wellness Center

LG&E, headquartered in Louisville, KY, is a diversified energy services company. Kelley Construction completed a full health and wellness fitness center on the second floor at LG&E headquarters. This project features a full locker room with showers and full ADA accessibility, a common break-room area for employees on the second floor, and a zumba/yoga studio. This site also includes complete mechanical systems, state of the art lighting, high efficiency HVAC and energy recovery units, audio and video systems, and a sound proof floor, ceiling, and walls.

On this project, there were zero accidents, injuries, near misses, or lost time. In addition to that accomplishment, LG&E’s personal safety audits revealed the team had zero infractions and zero correction notices given.

Kelley Construction logged over 10,000 hours on this project.