MedVenture Technology

MedVenture Technology designs, develops, and manufactures complex, less-invasive, medical devices for leading medical device companies in the world. Its service is based on speed, quality, and meeting the tight requirements of its customers and the FDA.

MedVenture Technology’s facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana consists of 3-stories and just over 100,000 sq. ft. with a mezzanine-level housing management office, a large open area with work stations, and a conference room. Most of the facility’s additional space is made-up of warehouse space, “clean room” areas, a fitness room, cafeteria, and dedicated space for research and development with remaining space set aside for future expansion.

The 3 clean rooms are a key component of MedVenture’s operation. Requirements for these rooms included large areas of work-space for inspection, assembly and packaging as well as constant, positive pressure to protect devices from dust and dirt contamination.

Kelley Construction received the Award of Excellence for projects completed in 2006 over $5 million from the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. for this project.