The New Culture of Construction

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The Kelley 6

At Kelley Construction, our relationships with our customers are the foundation on which we build everything. That’s why every interaction we have is driven by six commitments:


1 Think Client First

We are proactive and responsive in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We are solution-driven to provide service excellence to ensure ALL of our clients are happy. Their satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success.

2 Own Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to being honest and honorable in our work. Our integrity is paramount in our people and our buildings. We stick to the highest standards in the industry because our clients depend on us and we value the honor of having their trust.

3 Embrace Innovation & Technology

We embrace innovation in our industry and the efficiencies and benefits it brings to our projects. We adopt the latest in construction and management technology to improve our ability to lead in our field, and we hone our processes to deliver great work for our clients.

4 Show Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship takes time, precision, creativity, skill and most of all, a passion for the work. We are craftsmen to our core. We manifest the vision of every project to inspire, delight and share the pride in our work. And boy, does it show.

5 Deliver Honest Value

Price is not a measure of value. We are transparent and open with our pricing, as it directly relates to the quality of our work. Quality, price and the numerous intangibles we provide through our people and service excellence, both physically and emotionally, make up our Honest Value.

6 Exercise Diligence

We love the challenge when someone says “it can’t be done.” If there is a way, we will find it. Our diligence is our commitment to our clients to work every angle, go the extra mile and meet every challenge with a smile and a determination to overcome it. At Kelley, we know that keeping a project running smoothly requires a little grit.

Careers at Kelley

Life at Kelley

At Kelley Construction, we’re passionate individuals committed to the relentless pursuit of Service Excellence and driving innovation through our Pioneering Spirit.

It all starts with the “right” people. Our success hinges on the individuals who make up Kelley Construction. We are committed to protecting and continuing to grow our culture.

Kelley Culture

We have a passion for building things and doing excellent work. And when we treat our clients and our work with respect, it spills over into everything we do. We value each other and the skills we all bring to the table. We’re more than just a team – we’re a family.

Kelley Family

From the front office to the field, every person matters at Kelley Construction. It shows in both the work we do and the way we treat each other, and it’s why we have the best talent, the right attitudes and the latest technology in the industry. It’s also why clients who appreciate our dedication to doing what’s right for them and for each other won’t go anywhere else for their building needs.

Kelley Community

Respect and integrity are at the core of everything we do, and that extends to our community. Kelley Construction is proud to partner with nonprofits and special causes around the area to help make a difference in the world around us. From programs like Project Fit to supporting a family in need, we’re working together to make a difference in the lives around us.

Why Louisville

There are many reasons to pick Louisville when you are deciding where to live and work. Being a locally-founded company, Kelley Construction supports Greater Louisville Inc. through the New2Lou program. This program helps to introduce new and potential residents to our great city. Find out more about what Louisville has to offer by visiting New2Lou.

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