Our strength comes from the diversity of our expertise. As one of the most varied construction firms in our region, we’re not only skilled across all markets—we bring experience-based expertise to every project we undertake. Options like design-build, construction management, general contracting, BIM, and more, equip our team to bring real value to your project.
Our vast experience empowers us to tackle diverse commercial projects with the utmost efficiency and innovation. Armed with design-build, construction management, general contracting, BIM, and more, we design custom solutions tailored to your project's unique demands. Whether it's cutting-edge office buildings, dynamic retail centers, or ventures in historic preservation and park systems, every meticulous detail is completed to our rigorous standards.
The growing demands and complexity of today’s healthcare industry present numerous challenges associated with operations and regulatory compliance in the areas of patient needs, life safety matters, infection control, and risk management. But at Kelley Construction, we welcome the challenge. Our knowledgeable team has an in-depth understanding of these intricate challenges and is dedicated to providing value-based construction solutions focused on quality and enhanced performance to promote the best environment possible for professionals and patients.
Food Service
The Food Service Industry centers on love for excellent customer service, providing quality products, and adherence to strict regulatory standards. We are proud that we have that in common. Our dedicated team of food construction professionals has a broad range of experience, from renovations and design-build of unique, individual restaurants to national chains. Whether full service or quick service, we exceed the standards in meeting your timeline, budget, and operational needs.
We approach industrial construction efficiently and safely, focused on making key performance gains throughout the project. We know timelines and cash flow are tightly bound. With our in-house self-perform capabilities, we minimize a project’s timeline and stick to a budget. From manufacturing and distribution to tilt-up and pre-cast, specialty concrete, food and beverage, metal building, and scrap recycling, Kelley Construction devises a comprehensive strategy focused on precision, planning, and craftsmanship for each construction project.
Energy Infrastructure
Energy is a schedule-sensitive market. Often our clients are driven by their commercial operation commitments. And so, we develop a project approach that fits their unique challenges, whether time, budget, or operationally based. At Kelley Construction, we specialize in the critical path of site work and foundations to meet energy commitments. Traditional power generation to renewable energy projects, we have the technical expertise and experience to complete your project's civil and concrete portions.
Corporate Offices

We understand your company’s office space sets the tone. We specifically designed our own corporate office as a collaborative and innovative space, knowing it can make or break the environment and culture of our team. Whether you are looking at expansion or starting a new chapter, Kelley Construction is here to provide the knowledge and expertise to construct your state-of-the-art project on time and within budget, transforming the working environment for your team.

Hospitality & Experiential

At Kelley Construction, we know the guest experience drives the hospitality business. We are committed to creating elevated environments where your guests feel comfortable and safe. Our diverse experience and in-depth understanding of experiential projects ensure we help you achieve your vision while meeting the growing demands and ever-changing culture of the hospitality industry. Whether you’re renovating or opening a new location, we pay close attention to the construction touches and details that bring the comforts of home and the experience of luxury to your guests.

Adaptive Re-Use

We are experts in preserving a structure’s character while transforming it into your vision. Adaptive Reuse Construction is an art form, and it's one we're well versed in. There are special considerations when working with an existing building and bringing it to new life. Our experienced team assesses your project’s current state to identify obstacles before reaching the construction phase. Detail-oriented and with fresh eyes, we bring new possibilities to existing buildings, preserving the character and history while bringing your project into the modern era.


The Bourbon Industry is growing, and competition is steeper than ever. One company’s success comes down to the details of operations and production, and storage solutions. Companies like Jim Beam, Mitchers, and MB Roland know the need for value-based construction solutions focused on quality and enhanced performance to distinguish them from their competitors. At Kelley Construction, we’ll build the environment you need to produce your perfect batch of bourbon.

Experience: Old Forester, Brown Foreman, Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, Michters, Buffalo Trace, MB Roland

Parks & Recreation

We are proud to serve our community in a way you can readily see through hardscapes and landscapes around the city. Working hand in hand with your team, we know the special requirements associated with planting and all the touches needed to create a beautiful outdoor environment. Whether it’s outdoor considerations for an office space or parks and recreational spaces, you can see Kelley’s excellence in each project. We served as the general contractor on the Parklands of Floyds Fork project in Louisville, KY, one of the nation’s largest new metropolitan parks project, and have completed experiential spaces including visitor centers, auditoriums, chapels, and event venues to help our clients to bring their visions for their communities to life.


Your facilities play a major role in a student's learning experience. And at Kelley Construction, we pride ourselves in outfitting your campus with the technology and educational advancements that will empower the leaders of tomorrow. We prioritize elite coordination to ensure construction does not disrupt campus life. Whether you’re constructing a new building or updating an existing structure, we work with your education team to discuss your school’s specific needs. We dive into your schedule, protocols, and challenges unique to your educational environment and provide value-based solutions focused on quality and enhanced performance to promote the best environment for educators, staff, and students


We know your storefront is where you communicate your brand to customers before they even enter your store. From shopping centers to car dealerships and gas station facilities, we’ve created state-of-the-art spaces that customers and employees enjoy coming back to day after day. We’ve served as the contractor of choice for retail companies from Thorntons to Kaden Companies, preferring to take a programmatic approach to these projects. From ground up construction to complete tenant buildouts, we’ll help you achieve your vision.


We take a community approach when it comes to completing projects for religious organizations. We understand it much more than a building. Sanctuaries are a place for gathering and fellowship, so it goes well beyond one building. We’ve constructed campuses to include classrooms, nurseries, offices, and cafe/food service facilities. From SECC Elizabethtown to SECC Shelbyville, you’ve seen your commitment to excellence to religious facilities.

Multi-Family / Multi-Use

Our experience in Multi-Family and Multi-Use portfolios is diverse, allowing us to successfully approach projects in a timely, efficient, and thoughtful manner. At Kelley Construction, we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges associated with these types of projects and are able to tailor a value-based solution no matter the size or scope. We approach your project focused on the details that are important to you, ensuring we complete your design on time and on budget while still providing the best environment possible for your tenants and customers.

Oil, Gas, & Chemical

For 35 years, Kelley Construction has provided innovative solutions in the OGC sector. Our long history in the industry, paired with our diverse experience (mid-stream pump stations, tank terminals, refinery expansions), gives us a deep understanding of an owner's needs going into any project. We create custom execution approaches for our clients because each project has unique operational needs. A client relationship focused on communication and partnership enables us to maintain our standard of excellence and exceed expectations.


Our project and leadership teams have the experience and knowledge needed to help energy generation and storage clients complete their projects on-time and within budget. Kelley Construction has the technical expertise and experience to help with the civil and concrete portions of the project as well as the underground utilities and firewater systems. From traditional Power Generation to Renewable Energy projects, we can develop a project approach to ft the unique challenges that are inherent in this very schedule sensitive market where our clients are up against wall with their commercial operation commitments.

Battery Storage & Alternative

Our project and leadership teams have the experience and knowledge needed to help energy storage and generation clients complete their projects on time and within budget. Kelley’s team strives to work closely with the project partners to understand the overall purpose of the project to bring the best overall value to a project. Kelley Construction has the technical expertise and experience to help with the civil and concrete portions of the project, as well as the underground utilities and firewater systems. We can develop a project approach to fit the unique challenges that are inherent in this very schedule-sensitive market where our clients are up against the wall with their commercial operation commitments.

Airports & DOD

Kelley provides civil construction services for tank farm construction and maintenance services for DOD and civilian Aviation Fuel Depots. Each with its requirements and regulations, we possess the knowledge and necessary management tools to serve private and government projects nationwide. We work closely with prime contractors in scope identification and delineation to establish seamless field execution plans. We’ve developed project-proven relationships to execute fueling system projects. We integrate our extensive knowledge in site work, concrete installation, and underground utilities with aviation fueling and system upgrades.


Kelley Construction is a national leader in the civil construction of Ag Processing, Grain Handling, and Seed Industries. Our expertise is in constructing, maintaining, repairing, renovating, and installing grain handling, storage, and milling systems. With our understanding of products, including corn, soybeans, oil seeds, hybrid seeds, and vegetable seeds, we provide industry-leading services like dry and liquid storage, dust and pollution control, cleaning and conditioning, packaging and distribution, and load-outs and receiving processes.

Industrial Gasses

The critical role industrial gases serve across the spectrum of markets and services carries the need for a construction company that appreciates this critical role. Kelley brings a successful track record of working with owners so that they can depend on a reliable and consistent construction partner on a variety of projects, across the U.S. From greenfield projects in urban areas to expansion projects in existing industrial complexes, Kelley’s focus remains on performing safe and quality projects. We provide site development, tank and equipment foundations, cryogenic tank foundations, and associated civil works for our industrial gas owners.


Quality is a must when it comes to the food industry. Full Service is an opportunity to provide your customers with a satisfying and comfortable dining experience in addition to your delicious food. Whether a well-known chain restaurant or a boutique eatery, at Kelley Construction, we have the expertise to set the stage for a dining experience your customer will enjoy and remember. We’ll put our skills to work for projects of any size and scope, from individual restaurants to program management for your national chains.


Quick-service dining construction takes special consideration to ensure quality doesn’t suffer. Customers who choose quick eats to make their lives a little easier want the same quality of full service. At Kelley Construction, our food service construction team has the experience and design knowledge to save your staff time in the kitchen and throughout your entire customer service process. With Kelley Construction, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality during renovations or design-build. We’ll put our skills to work for projects of any size and scope, from individual restaurants to program management for your national chains.

Fine Dining

Creating the best fine dining experience is a unique undertaking and requires a best-in-class construction company at the helm. At Kelley Construction, we take pride in creating a quality and memorable experience for your patrons, striving to meet the high expectations that come with a night out at a premier establishment. We take the utmost care in producing not only a beautiful dining facility, but also a fully functioning space. Our team’s ability to meet strict industry standards, state codes, and equipment requirements comes from the technical experience and know-how of years of work in the fine dining space. Our goal is to give your patrons an extraordinary experience from the moment they walk through your doors.

Acute Care

Life safety needs and risk management are the leading considerations for acute care. The complexities of today’s healthcare industry and regulations make the simplest constructions challenging. Through our experience with the intricacies of regulatory requirements, we provide you with value-based design and construction solutions to build the best environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral healthcare facilities offer specialty care and a wide range of patient services. In our experience, most take a holistic approach to this healthcare area, so their needs range from hospitality and food services to day-to-day care. Kelley Construction is experienced and skilled in large facility construction including pharmacies, labs, administrative support services, and inpatient/outpatient care services. We approach each project with a carefully constructed process and design optimized to meet the needs of behavioral healthcare patients and professionals.

Ancillary Services

Patients require the highest level of care, whether they are heading for surgery, scheduling a short office visit, or planning a long-term care stay. At Kelley, we treat all healthcare projects with the utmost attention to detail, technical expertise, and compassion for the patients walking through the doors. Our team’s vast experience with healthcare and commercial projects enables us to tailor a solution to fit the vast needs of ancillary services, no matter the size or scope. From state-of-the-art office buildings to multi-use facilities to high-tech surgery suites to long-term care facilities, our attention to detail at every step ensures that each project will be completed correctly, on time, and on budget.

Warehouse & Distribution

Our industrial team possesses a deep understanding of warehouse design, construction, and management, ensuring seamless integration of the latest technologies and best practices to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a state-of-the-art distribution center, a fully automated warehouse, or efficient storage solutions, we are committed to providing unmatched quality, on-time delivery, and cost-effectiveness to propel your business forward.

Specialty Industrial

At Kelley Construction, we provide a complete spectrum of services to the specialty industrial market, including concept development, facility design and construction, equipment installation, and startup. We are adept at working with our clients on the front end to get a complete understanding of your needs and develop a project strategy that satisfies the project requirements. Through this turnkey approach and an innovative and solution-oriented mindset, we have been successful at catering to each of our clients' set of needs.

Advanced Manufacturing

At Kelley Construction, we understand the tight relationship between timelines and cash flow in the Advance Manufacturing Industry. So efficiency and production are our focus for your project. Our team delivers you a comprehensive strategy focused on precision, planning, and execution for your manufacturing construction project. With our in-house engineering capabilities, we minimize a project’s timeline while also maximizing your budget. Kelley Construction has diverse experience with tilt-up, precast, and pre-engineered metal buildings, from manufacturing, distribution, refrigeration, and office space. We provide you with a tailored, value-based construction strategy that fits your needs, budget, and schedule.

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